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Our mission is to support, educate and facilitate children with learning difference/disabilities their families and their families. To promote awareness to the awareness to the community of Bermuda in order to encourage collaboration among stakeholders. We inspire to create an environment that is accepting understanding and inclusive.


Youth with Learning Disabilities model is based on two fundamental principles;

  1. Youth with LD flourish when they are encouraged to focus on their strengths in an environment that will foster that development,
  2. Success can be generalized by encourage our students to develop and utilize strategies which enable them to compensate for those challenging characterizes of LD. To this end LDAB will ensure success for each child across a wide range of experience. Such success, in turn, builds essential self-esteem and self-confidence.

Based on these 2 principles, LDAB promotes the development of problem-solving skills, effective communication strategies, increase self-awareness, and social skills. Program activities including stake holder outreach, which will provide information that will empower the student to make healthy choices, learn more about themselves, overcome challenges, and relate lessons from these experiences to other aspects of their lives.


LDAB operates under several core values including:

  1. All people with disabilities are entitled to inclusive education, living and leisure opportunities
  2. All people with disabilities have the right to live in their own communities and pursue their own lifestyles
  3. People with disabilities should play a central role in the design, operation and monitoring of the support they receive
  4. All people in society share the responsibility to create inclusive communities.
  5. The work of creating inclusive communities and an open society is not essentially a matter of resources, but how we think about people who have disabilities.