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Recommended Reading for Children

Hank Zipzer: The World’s Greatest Underachiever is a series of children’s books by actor Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver, published by Grosset & Dunlap. The first book, Niagara Falls, or Does It?, was published in 2003. Hank Zipzer was made into a TV series in 2014. Beginning in 2015, the books have been printed in a special font, called Dyslexie, designed to assist dyslexics with reading.

1. Niagara Falls, or Does It? (January 1, 2003)
2. I Got a “D” in Salami (May 12, 2003)
3. Day of the Iguana (September 1, 2003)
4. The Zippity Zinger (December 1, 2003)
5. The Night I Flunked My Field Trip (May 1, 2004)
6. Holy Enchilada! (August 19, 2004)
7. Help! Somebody Get me out of Fourth Grade! (December 16, 2004)
8. Summer School? What Genius Thought That Up? (April 21, 2005)
9. My Secret Life as a Ping-Pong Wizard (September 22, 2005)
10. My Dog’s a Scaredy-Cat: A Halloween Tail (August 1, 2006)

11. The Curtain Went Up, My Pants Fell Down (May 3, 2007)
12. Barfing in the Backseat: How I Survived My Family Road Trip (July 5, 2007)
13. Who Ordered This Baby? Definitely Not Me! (December 27, 2007)
14. Life of Me (May 1, 2008)
15. A Tale of Two Tails (November 26, 2008)
16. Dump Trucks and Dogsleds: I’m on My Way, Mom! (August 6, 2009)
17. A Brand-New Me! (April 20, 2010)
18. The Colossal Camera Calamity (04 Jun 2015)

Additional Books

19. Just Juice (1998) by Karen Hesse
20. Thank You, Mr. Falker (1998) by Patricia Polacco.
21. Leo The Late Bloomer (1971) by Robert Krans
22. Fish In A Trees (February 2015) by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
23. Tom’s Special Talent – Dyslexia (2009) by Kate Gaynor
24. The Alphabet War: A Story about Dyslexia (2017) by Burton Robb, Diane and Gail Piazza
25. If You’re So Smart, How Come You Can’t Spell Mississippi (The Adventures of Everyday Geniuses) (2018) By Barbara Esham and Mike Gordon
26. Leah’s Voice (2012) by Lori Demonia and Monique Turchan
27. It’s Hard to be a Verb! (2008) By Julia Cook and Carrie Hartman
28. Terrific Teddy’s Excessive Energy (Understanding Learning Difference) Volume 2) (2015) by Forgan Ph.D., Jim and Rob Barge
29. My Name is Brain Brian (1995) by Jeanne Betancourt
30. Percy Jackson and The Olympians (5 Books) (2014) by Rick Riordan and John<
31. Eagle Eyes: A Child’s Guild to Paying Attention (1995) by Jeanne Gehret, M.A.
32. Author: A True Story (2002) by Helen Lester
33. The Junkyard Wonders (2010) by Patricia Polacco
34. The Flunking of Joshua T. Bate (1993) by Susan Shreve

35. The Higgledy – Piggledy Pigeon: A kids book about how a pigeon with dyslexia discovers that learning difficulties are not learning disabilities (2010) by Don M Winn
36. Dying to Know You (2012) by Aidan Chambers
38. Carter Finally Get It (2009) by Brent Crawford Nick Podehl, et al
39. Graffiti Moon (2012) by Cath Crowley
40.Okay for Now (2011) by Gary D Schmidt
41. After Ever After (2011) by Jordan Snnenblick, Nick Proehl, et al
42. Ellie Bean. The Drama Queen (2011) by Jennie Harding
43. Free Association: Where My Mind Goes During Science Class (2018) by Barbara Esham
44. This Morning Sam Went to Mars (2013) by Nancy Carlson
45. Cory Stories: A Kid’s Book About Living with ADHA (2004) by Jeanne Kraus and Whitney Martin
46. Joey Pizza Series, (2004) by Jack Gantos
47. Pay Attention Emily Brown (2011) by Linda Burton Carl Burton
48. Aloha Island: The Story of the Stones (2012) by Frank South
49. Get Ready for Jetty!: My Journal About ADAH and Me (2012) by Jean Kraus